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About Us

Latvindia Open Innovation Platform

Our mission is to connect you to Europe

Latvindia Open Innovation Platform is part of Latvindia. The idea for the Latvindia Initiative was conceived in India. Talking to our Indian clients, we realised a strong need for European connections. Many of them want to travel freely to Europe, even move there, and wish to send their children to European schools. Many Indians are thinking about doing business and investing in Europe.

The first Latvindia project was born in a few months, and a few years later, the Latvindia Initiative received its present form. Initially, we focused only on India, but recently we have opened up to other countries.  Latvindia is a collection of several projects linked by a common goal: Connect to Latvia, connect to Europe. Most of our projects are non-profit projects that feed off our business ventures.

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What is LOIP?

LOIP Latvindia Open Innovation Platform is the leading platform for global talents to get support in creating viable projects in Latvia and Europe.

LOIP simply and easily connects your innovation to Latvian companies, investors and universities.

The talents who submit the best ideas can earn money, gain skills, and even realise their ideas in Latvia or Europe!

Latvindia Foundation is an endowment established by the companies of the Latvindia Group. This foundation brings together our non-profit projects and public relations activities. The largest non-profit project is: LOIP Latvindia Open Innovation Platform.

Our Founders

With more than 25 years of experience

Roberts Stafeckis

Roberts Stafeckis

Roberts holds a Masters Degree (LLM) in International Law and Finance, and has extensive experience in diplomatic service, international relations and business networking.

He has working access to Latvian governmental authorities, leading business associations and educational institutions.

Along his career path, he has worked for the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economics, as well as the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. Outside office hours, he is the President of the Latvian Croquet Federation and member of the Management Committee of the World Croquet Federation.

Laszlo Gaal

Laszlo Gaal

Laszlo has more than 25 years of experience working with private clients, in addition to an intimate knowledge of human nature and communication. He is recognised as a thought leader in the immigration industry. He is the founder and managing director of Residency Citizenship Program Ltd, a leading independent immigration service provider.

Laszlo holds an MSc in physics, a PhD in biology, and also a degree as a clinical psychodrama therapist.

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