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Why Join Us?

Latvindia Open Innovation Platform

Why Should You Join LOIP?

LOIP Latvindia Open Innovation Platform is the leading platform for global talents to get support in creating viable projects in Latvia and Europe. LOIP connects your innovation to Latvian companies, investors and universities. The talents who submit the best ideas can earn money, gain skills, and even realise their ideas in Latvia or Europe!

Why Should You Join Us?

1. Be a European Innovator
Join us, submit your idea, get supported in Latvia and realise your innovation.
loip visibility
2. Boost Your Visibility
Beyond supporting and generating collaborations, LOIP allows you to make your innovations visible to Latvian investors and business companies.
Earn money by challenges
3. Earn Money
Even if you are not ready with your innovation proposal, you can earn money by solving challenges.

What we offer

We work closely with our European Partners to select the most promising innovators from around the globe. We are neither a financing institution nor a business accelerator; however, we have good contacts with all those who allow us to find the most appropriate partners to implement your idea.

After carefully evaluating the ideas and business proposals, we invite several innovators with the best ideas to our annual event in Riga, Latvia, where they have an opportunity to meet experts and business professionals and present their ideas.

01. European connection
Latvia is a member of the European Union, consisting of 27 member states with a population of 450 million. It is a huge marketplace with high buying power and free movement of people, capital, goods and services. Once you have established your business in any member state, you can easily extend it. Latvia, as well as other EU member states, offer favourable conditions for start-ups and foreign investment in general. Yes, it is a challenging task to establish your business in a faraway market; this is why LOIP stands here to help you to find the most effective road towards reaching your goals in Europe.
02. Visibility
Beyond supporting and generating collaborations, LOIP allows you to make your innovations visible to Latvian investors and business companies. After agreeing with you, we can introduce your idea to our partners and contacts so that your idea gets evaluated and eventually financed.
03. Money
The ultimate goal of each business venture is to earn money. You can develop your business slowly on your own, or you can find partners that help you boost your development and reach your goals faster. You can start working with LOIP and earning money even before you have your brilliant idea. On a regular basis, we publish challenges on the LOIP website – those are real-life situations and tasks that need solutions. The best authors of the solutions are rewarded financially. You can see the list of challenges after registration.

What Others Say?

All unicorns seemed like bad ideas initially.

— Paul Graham, YCombinator

I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.

— Wayne Gretzky, Leading goal scorer in NHL ice hockey

Most innovation involves doing the things we do every day a little bit better rather than creating something completely new and different.

— Darin, The Business Warrior’s Dojo

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